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2014 VASA AGM report

VASA’s Annual General Meeting took place on August 2 at the QT Gold Coast hotel in Surfers Paradise.

In his annual report speech, VASA President Ian Stangroome told of the successful secretariat move to Ormeau in Queensland, giving VASA a more efficient and centralised infrastructure plus dedicated office space and staff.

These facilities are kindly provided by VASA legend and director Mark Mitchell at his SuperCool headquarters, with the on-site SuperTest facility available for VASA training events.

On the day of the AGM, the SuperTest facility was used for VASA’s regional training programme, which is a new development since the previous AGM held at Wire & Gas 2013.

Mr Stangroome said the board’s focus is providing members with value for money, with rebates on training fees and the upcoming SightGlass information product revealed at the training session a large part of that.

Contributing to SightGlass is Autodata, which is providing circuit diagrams under one of VASA’s new industry relationships, with another being reciprocal membership of AAAA and a presence at that organisation’s Automotive Aftermarket Expo next April.

Mr Stangroome also mentioned VASA’s efforts to show its appreciation of relationships with corporate members such as Denso and Century Batteries.

VASA’s government and industry involvement with the Australian Automotive Air Conditioning Code of Practice update, Ozone Acts review and MAC & TR&AC Summit was also outlined in the President’s speech.

He confirmed the contract had been signed to hold the 2015 Wire & Gas at the Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort over the June long weekend and that VASA will continue to focus on training events for the remainder of this year.

Concluding his speech, Mr Stangroome thanked the board for their hard work during the past year.

“It’s been a hardworking year and no less than for Mark and his team at Supercool; it’s been a massive task moving the secretariat to Ormeau and getting that set up,” said Mr Stangroome.

“All the board have worked extremely hard and are dedicated … they’re not getting tired of the job at all, they’re excited and focussed on what they want to do and ensuring members get the best value from VASA.”

There were no new nominations for the VASA board of directors, so Mr Stangroome was re-elected President and Brett Meads Vice President, while Mark Mitchell, Robert Picone, Peter Stubley Catherine Tocker and Don Wilesmith were elected to continue as directors.

The only change to the line-up was Mr Wilesmith stepping down as treasurer, with Mark Mitchell moving into that role to improve efficiency now that VASA HQ shares a building with his business.

Mr Stangroome announced the appointment of Haitham Razagui to the role of Executive Director of Communications and Editorial, making him VASA’s main point of contact with government and industry while continuing his responsibilities as editor of VASA publications such as Hot Air, eNews and now SightGlass.

Guest speaker was Refrigerants Australia executive director Greg Picker, who provided a fascinating overview of the Carbon Tax repeal, Ozone Acts review, the impact on Australia of international proposals to phase down HFCs under the Montreal Protocol and the upcoming MAC & TR&AC Summit.

Mark Mitchell delivered a presentation on the latest refrigerant survey by Refrigerant Reclaim Australia, which revealed that overall, refrigerant in vehicles analysed by VASA member workshops was slightly purer than the previous year’s results.

Look out for a full report on the refrigerant survey in an upcoming edition of Hot Air or eNews.

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