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A-Gas buys Salience Solutions

The Australian company Salience Solutions, an expert in waste management and sustainability, has been purchased outright by the global refrigerant supplier and reclamation specialist A-Gas. 

Acquiring Salience Solutions provides A-Gas access to the company’s PyroPlas plasma arc destruction technology, which allows for the safe destruction of ozone-depleting substances, persistent organic pollutants, synthetic greenhouse gases and halogenated wastes. 

The addition of PyroPlas to the A-Gas line-up will improve its in-house destruction technology and expand its fluorocarbon and non-fluorocarbon refrigerant management capabilities, aiding its lifecycle and product stewardship goals.

The co-founders of Melbourne-based Salience Solutions, Vivek Nair and Neville Taylor, will also be joining A-Gas. 

“A-Gas has a rich history of developing recovery and reclamation technology which is market-leading so we see their business as a great home for our proprietary and recognised plasma arc destruction equipment,” said Nair.

A-Gas has purchased several companies recently, including VEMAC Services and H3R Clean Agents

The PyroPlas system uses a plasma torch and reaction system, with core temperature over 10,000°C, to break up complex toxic molecules into their constituent non-toxic simple molecules, ultimately producing typically inert solids and non-harmful gases.

PyroPlas plants are also compact, comparatively affordable, easy to maintain and highly automated, and reputed to offer extremely safe operation. 

“A-Gas has enjoyed a good working relationship with the founders of Salience Solutions having acquired technology and expertise from them in the past to build our destruction capability in the USA,” said Ken Logan, commercial director of the A-Gas group.

“We are pleased to be able to bring this team and technology into A-Gas so that we can offer similar end-of-life services to all our customers on a global basis going forwards.”

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