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Jim Russell

Founder of A.K.T.F. Pty Ltd

Until 1970 Jim Russell was a fitter, working in the Sydney port area, during which time he became interested in tooling and engineering design work especially on vessels.

That was the year he applied for and started a job with Mounts and Pulleys, known to the industry as MAPCO. He learned about the auto airconditioning industry from the manager of MAPCO, Preston Hazzard, an American with enormous experience and a minimum of tact.

Jim worked at MAPCO until 1978, when he recognised the need for mount kits which fitted easily and compared favourably with Japanese mounts, which only suited Japanese engines. So Jim and Carol set up their business at Kirrawee in 1978, which is still known as AKTF and commenced manufacturing Mount and Drive kits for Australian vehicles.

The range quickly expanded as did AKTF’s reputation. Jim, always supported by his wife Carol, has been actively involved in the automotive airconditioning industry with his business since the early days and has contributed much to its grown.