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Les Bennell

Les entered the air conditioning industry 20 years ago, following a background in heavy trucks. He trained through courses and self application and began a mobile service for all types of vehicles, but specialised in heavy equipment.

He developed systems, one being adopted by Massey Ferguson UK for heavy equipment used in harsh tropical conditions. Because of his strong design skills he is often called on to modify imported systems to better suit the tropics.

His work has taken him to extremes… from the Tasmanian forests in mid winter and to the Cape York gold fields and Groote Island in the Territory.

When he began his business, he continued regular trips to Goondiwindi where he earned a strong reputation for his diagnostic skills and the ability to get even the most impossible job done.

His workshop now caters for cars, trucks, buses and campers while still maintaining the mobile services vital for the heavy equipment trade. He still services several new car dealers who have been with him since the beginning.

Les brings a highly developed ethical belief in customer service to everything he does and he stands behind the quality of his work. For a man like Les, his best advertising has always been word of mouth.

He is a foundation member of VASA and enthusiastically supports its moves to promote and improve training and standards. Les and his partner and wife Jan appreciate the help and support given to them over the years by other technicians and suppliers.