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Tim Grimes

Tim Grimes, in his role of national marketing manager of CoolDrive Distribution, took over a directorship role in VASA when CoolDrive Managing Director John Blanchard, made his decision to end a long directorship with VASA. CoolDrive had always been a staunch supporter of the VASA ideals.

Tim brought a new enthusiasm for marketing and IT into VASA, rejuvenating a well-worn website, and introducing marketing programs to increase awareness of VASA and to encourage new members.

He wrote and introduced bright new marketing concepts aimed at selling VASA’s benefits to the membership and to industry at large.

His skills in IT came to the fore with a smart new website, in which he laid the foundations for VASA’s push into larger scale internet communication and networking.

All this was achieved in a few short years, and ended when his new role as national marketing manager with Baxters sent him in a new career direction and away from day to day involvement in vehicle aftermarket air conditioning and electrical.

Director of Marketing: 2008 – 2012
Wire & Gas Executive: 2008 – 2011

In recognition of your marketing expertise and bold initiatives to keep VASA relevant in rapidly changing times. In helping VASA focus on member benefits through a dynamic web presence, you have set the association on a solid path for the future.