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Aussie battery remanufacturing plan

Australian company Injectronics has unveiled a hybrid vehicle battery remanufacturing program that will enable more workshops to accept and service hybrid vehicles.

Under the scheme, said to be the first in Australia, a battery pack remanufactured by Injectronics will cost 60 to 80 per cent less than a new unit, helping reduce the ownership costs of hybrid vehicles.

A two-year warranty is standard, providing reassurance for the customer and strengthening the vehicle’s resale value. 

This means owners will be able to keep hybrid vehicles running properly and effectively for longer without breaking the bank, which will reduce scrappage of hybrids caused by uneconomical repairs.  

Injectronics executive general manager Gino Ricciuti said: “A project of this type creates a circular economy, putting to an end the single use nature of hybrid batteries, is environmentally friendly in its approach and will save hybrid vehicle owners a considerable sum when their battery fails to work as expected.”

When a faulty hybrid battery is identified, a workshop simply sends it to Injectronics, which then dispatches a remanufactured battery while the faulty battery is stored for a later rebuild.

As well as enabling workshops to cater for a growing electrified part of the automotive market, the Injectronics scheme means businesses will no longer have to deal with battery disposal.

Injectronics, which specialises in electronic and mechatronic components for automotive aftermarket and OEMs, is headquartered in Victoria and part of the Innovative Mechatronics (IM) Group – which itself has received support from the Federal Government’s Automotive Innovation Labs Access Grants program.

Stuart Charity, CEO of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association of which IM Group is a member, said: “New initiatives like that of IM Group’s demonstrate the resilience and smarts of our local companies, who are defying predictions of the total demise of the automotive manufacturing sector.”

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