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Business fined for unlicensed import of vehicles containing refrigerant

THE Department of Environment and Energy has fined a New South Wales-based importer $12,600 for the unlicensed import of vehicles with air-conditioning systems containing a controlled refrigerant.

Other costs caused to the importer as a result of this infringement were “significant warehousing costs and business delays”, according to the Department.

SightGlass eNews understands the vehicles were charged with R134a, as the Department said the refrigerant found in them was “1430 times as potent in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide”. R134a has a global warming potential of 1430.

It also seems the number of vehicles illegally containing refrigerant was six, due to the maximum fine for each offence being $2100. This points to the culprit being a small-scale importer of specialist vehicles.

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