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Carrier’s zero-emissions refrigeration tech for trailers

Carrier Transicold has launched the first fully autonomous, all-electric engineless refrigerated trailer system, the Vector® eCool™.

Carrier Transicold has unveiled a new all-electric system, called the Vector eCool, for powering engineless trailer refrigeration units.

The refrigerated shipping specialist’s latest technology is not, however, just a vast array of heavy and load-reducing batteries slung under a trailer.

Instead, the Vector eCool features a sensibly sized battery and an axle-based energy generation and recovery system.

Energy from the axle, captured when the trailer is moving or braking, is used to charge the battery – which, in turn, powers an electric refrigeration unit. 

The system subsequently produces no direct carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions or particulates, reducing the overall environmental impact of the vehicle.

The Vector eCool, which is designed to be used with engineless versions of Carrier Transicold’s Vector HE 19 and 1550 E refrigeration units, is entirely autonomous. 

When the storage battery depletes to a certain level, the management system automatically engages the generator to recharge the battery and maintain cooling performance. 

Mains power can be used while the trailer is parked and, although no specifics are given, Carrier Transicold states that the battery can be charged from the mains in under four hours.

There is reputedly no weight penalty, either, as the complete system and refrigeration unit are claimed to be lighter than a standard diesel-powered refrigeration unit with a full tank of fuel.

When paired with the quietest versions of the HE 19 and 1550 E offered by Carrier Transicold, the system’s operating noise is also below 60dBA – which, coupled with its emissions performance, will make it suitable for operation in increasingly restricted urban environments.

Extensive real-world testing has been carried out as well, along with years of development, to ensure reliability and effectiveness. 

“We believe the Vector eCool represents the future of refrigerated trailer technology,” said Victor Calvo, president of Carrier Transicold International Truck & Trailer.

“It’s one of the most exciting new products we have ever brought to market.”

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