Hydrocarbon refrigerant hose warning label

This warning label attached to a cylinder of hydrocarbon refrigerant could be the manufacturer’s admission that its product is no longer considered a direct ‘drop-in’ replacement for R134a. The warning criticises major hose brands and hose types used by major motor vehicle manufacturers and recommends the retrofit to a ‘full barrier hose’ in order to Continue reading Hydrocarbon refrigerant hose-down

US EPA Approves HC Refrigerants

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved hydrocarbon refrigerants R170 (ethane), R600a (isobutane), R290 (propane) and R441A (a blend of all four) for use in certain stationary refrigeration and air conditioning applications. The EPA has not changed its position on the use of hydrocarbon refrigerants in motor vehicle air conditioning (MVAC) systems, with Continue reading US EPA Approves HC Refrigerants

Ozone layer cycle

A rapid increase in atmospheric concentrations of dichloromethane – an ozone-depleting substance not controlled by the Montreal Protocol – has been discovered by scientists from the University of Leeds in Britain. While the current rate of ozone-depletion by dichloromethane is small, because it attacks ozone at the lowest altitudes of the stratosphere it has a Continue reading New ozone threat

Who owns vehicle telematics data?

Who owns the data generated by modern ‘connected’ vehicles in their day-to-day running and who should have access to it? What are the anti-competitive, privacy and civil rights implications of vehicles that can store and transmit data on location, usage and countless other factors as well as technical and diagnostic information? These questions represent a Continue reading Who owns vehicle telematics data?

Autodata wiring diagram designer Adam Maynard

Behind the scenes: A painstaking wiring diagram process Talent, dedication, patience and time. A lot of time. This is just a fraction of what goes into creating the Autodata wiring diagrams used daily in thousands of workshops across Australia and New Zealand, plus countless more around the world. SightGlass News discovered just how much work Continue reading Inside Autodata

Enviro-Safe website

Refrigerant company Enviro-Safe has been fined $US300,000 and agreed to stop marketing and selling non-compliant, unapproved hydrocarbon refrigerants as substitutes for ozone-depleting substances in the United States. Under the consent decree, Enviro-Safe must also include warning on the packaging, website listings and marketing materials for its flammable refrigerants stating that the product is “flammable to Continue reading US hydrocarbon refrigerant company cops $300K fine