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Daikin developing YF blend for EV heat pumps

The Society of Automotive Engineers and Daikin are reportedly working to assess the performance and safety of a new refrigerant blend called D1V140 that is 77 per cent R1234yf, with the rest being a mystery Daikin-developed product called HFO1332(E).

Audi heat pump
Audi heat pump

D1V140 is said to deliver better heat pump performance than YF, which has been found to reduce system capacity by a much as 40 per cent at ambient temperatures between 0℃ and -10℃.

Like YF, D1V140 is said to have a GWP of less than 1 and is expected to be rated as an A2L mildly flammable refrigerant once ASHRAE registration is completed.

Evaluations so far have found D1V140 to perform well in electric vehicle heat pump applications at low ambient, while also cooling well in warm conditions.

Overcoming the efficiency disadvantage of YF in heat pumps at low ambients will help improve EV battery range.

Daikin has registered a number of patents for the production of HFO1132(E) and several blends, among which are D1V140.

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