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Free auto-AC webinars for night owls: June 2-4

Michael Ingvardsen

A series of free online webinars about automotive air-conditioning system diagnosis, variable displacement compressors and the future of refrigerants will be delivered in early June by Michael Ingvardsen, who is president of VASA’s continental counterpart MACSPartners Europe and technical training manager at Nissens Automotive.

The webinars is part of a broader initiative organised by Worldpac Training Institute (WTI) to help the automotive repair community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As they are primarily aimed at the North American market, timings are geared to the Pacific Daylight Time zone, meaning they take place late at night the following day for those in Australia and New Zealand.

June 2 – 9am PDT
(On June 3 at 4am NZ, 2am ACT/NSW/QLD/TAS/VIC, 1:30am NT/SA, 12am WA)

AC System Diagnostics: Avoid the Hidden Issues

  • Determining AC system efficiency
  • Condenser capacity: Is it sufficient?
  • Don’t be fooled by pressure readings

June 3 – 9am PDT
(On June 4 at 4am NZ, 2am ACT/NSW/QLD/TAS/VIC, 1:30am NT/SA, 12am WA)

Electronically Controlled Variable Displacement Compressors (ECV)

  • Piston variable compressor operation and functionality
  • Variable compressors: Pros and cons
  • The impact of new refrigerants

June 4 – 9am PDT
(On June 5 at 4am NZ, 2am ACT/NSW/QLD/TAS/VIC, 1:30am NT/SA, 12am WA)

The Future of Refrigerants: R1234yf, CO2, or ???

  • Which refrigerant is the future?
  • Why do we need a different refrigerant than R134a?
  • Illegal & counterfeit refrigerant: Two different things

WTI is a member of VASA’s North American counterpart, MACS Worldwide. The webinars are free of charge to anyone who wants to attend. For more information and to register for webinars, visit

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