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Holden winning at repair data sharing

THE Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) has praised Holden for sharing comprehensive vehicle repair information with independent workshops but fired a warning shot across the boughs of those who are yet to step up.

AAAA executive director Stuart Charity welcomed Holden’s opening of access to the AC Delco Technical Delivery System, which is populated with Australian-specific content, as “a big step forward”.

Stuart Charity
Stuart Charity

“AAAA hopes that GM Holden’s initiative creates a precedent that will be followed by all car companies operating in Australia. This will achieve our aim to ensure all Australian vehicle owners retain their right to choose who repairs their vehicle – a dealer or an independent workshop,” he said.

While Mr Charity acknowledged that Audi, BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Skoda and Toyota had made information available, he said that so far the extent of those programs “all fall well short of what is required under the industry Heads of Agreement”.

“Together with GM Holden there are now nine car brands out of the 68 sold in Australia offering some level of data access. That leaves a long way to go in ensuring competition and choice for all car owners,” he said.

Warning that regulation forcing car companies to share information remains a reality if the current voluntary agreement fails, the AAAA pointed out that nine months have now passed since it was signed, and that “all multi-national car companies operating in Australia already make data available to independent workshops in their European and North American markets”.

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