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What you get as a VASA Member

SightGlass News

Available online and as a glossy members-only newsletter delivered to your door throughout the year, packed with quality industry news articles and exclusive features to keep you in the know and ahead of the game.

SightGlass Live Facebook Group

A member-exclusive, 24/7 online information exchange where you can network with real experts to learn and share tips and advice on those tricky diagnosis or repair jobs. With none of the misinformation or nonsense you’d find on a Google search, this will be the most valuable tool in your workshop.

SightGlass eNews

Breaking news, event notices and MACS service bulletins from the USA direct to your email inbox every month.

Find VASA Members Profile

Promote yourself or your business by creating a profile in the Find VASA Members area.

Member’s Section

Only VASA members can access this ever-growing library of high quality reference material, including MACS technical papers from the USA, videos of the future:gas Roadshow Presentations covering the transition from R134a to R1234yf and R744 and more.

SightGlass Training

Industry renowned, top flight training delivered by respected experts in a down to earth style that ensures everyone goes away with both increased competence and more confidence. VASA member discounts mean your annual subscription pays for itself in no time.

VASA Wire & Gas 2022

Immerse yourself in VASA’s famous biannual convention, with intensive training, trade show, experts forum, networking events and entertainment. A genuine career-booster and great value for money, with a great member discount too.

Registered Technicians Program

VASA members have full online access to what is often called “the bible of air conditioning”, the seven-volume Registered Technicians Program (RTP).

It is regarded as the only complete training program covering all aspects of vehicle air conditioning system maintenance ever written. Many VASA members use RTP to train new recruits because there is nothing like it anywhere else.

RTP was developed by a special VASA technical committee and written by Australia’s foremost trainer in air conditioning repair and practice, Grant Hand of Automotive Training Solutions.

VASA: The home of automotive technicians who are great at what they do.

Many VASA members are workshop owners and technicians, but VASA’s strength lies in its ability to accept manufacturers, wholesalers and educational institutions, thereby completing an effective network chain of auto industry professionals.

VASA offers free membership to all students while they are studying at a registered training organisation.

VASA members top up their knowledge at regular training events. Considered one of Australia’s most dynamic trainers in climate control, Grant Hand of Automotive Training Solutions, has been VASA’s preferred trainer since the very beginning.