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MACS encourages use of Service Report quiz as training tool

MACS Service Reports are more than essential reading for VASA members wanting to use this exclusive benefit to help stay at the top of their game.

In addition to containing the most up-to-date technical information about automotive air-conditioning, engine cooling, electronics and programming, each month’s MACS Service Report includes a quiz that corresponds to the previous month’s bulletin content.

For example, you are reading the September 2017 report (click the link or image to download it), the attached quiz relates to the August edition.

The quiz is a great way to test your knowledge on the topics contained within the previous issue, so it is a great educational tool to use in your training room or shop. MACS has put together the below video to provide more detail.

Instructors and TAFE teachers can use MACS Service Reports to test their students’ knowledge, or they could assign the report as a reading assignment for their, then use the corresponding quiz in the next session.

Workshop owners and managers can also use the reports to both help test the knowledge of technicians or apprentices and help them stay up to date with the industry, while also learning about the latest tools and techniques.

VASA members have exclusive access to MACS technical papers here, including an archive of Service Reports dating back to 2005.

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