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Refrigerant roadshow to build industry awareness

VASA members are well-versed in the arrival of new industry standard automotive refrigerant R1234yf and that R744 (CO2) is also on the horizon, but the wider automotive community still lacks awareness about why the industry is changing and what they need to know (and do) in order to prepare.

To address gaps in the industry’s knowledge, Refrigerants Australia, Refrigerant Reclaim Australia and VASA have established a consortium that will design and deliver a roadshow of facts-only informational and educational seminars across Australia and New Zealand this winter, aimed at building a broader understanding of the new refrigerants and what they mean for the industry.

Planning is still in the early stages, but the consortium hopes to expand and gain support from businesses and industry organisations from across the automotive, air conditioning and refrigeration sectors.

It will be of great benefit to industry and VASA is proud to be involved as a founding member of the consortium.

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