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St George, Women in Automotive & Toyota boost Women & Leadership scholarships

Women & Leadership Australia

Women working in the automotive sector are invited to express interest in a limited pool of scholarship funding that has to be allocated by the end of this year.

The fee support opportunity has been provisioned by St.George, Women in Automotive and Toyota to provide women with a range of full and partial scholarships for two automotive leadership development experiences that commence in February 2020.

The automotive industry is lagging behind in terms of female employment and management. Fewer than 15 per cent of all people employed in the automotive industry are female and women represent only eight per cent of automotive industry executives. This project aims to help create balance, supporting talented women so that they can grow and lead in all aspects of the sector.

The Elevate Initiative comprises two exclusive leadership development programs for women in the automotive industry, offered through Women & Leadership Australia. The initiative reflects a deep commitment throughout the automotive industry to increase the representation of women in formal leadership positions and to improving gender equality.

As part of this project, Women & Leadership Australia is offering 25 partial scholarships for each program to talented women across all areas of the automotive industry. Each partial scholarship will cover 50 per cent of the program fee.

Support from St.George and other sponsors including Women in Automotive and Toyota means a limited number of full scholarships will also be available, reducing the cost to $0.

All potential participants will be required to complete a written application and to indicate their intention to apply for a full scholarship, partial scholarship or both.

Expressions of Interest are being sourced until 29th November via this link:

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