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Still time to catch Brett Meads webinars

VASA president Brett Meads is presenting a three-part TaT webinar series called Essential Mobile AC Principles, with a substantial discount for VASA members.

The first part, Heat exchange and change of state has already taken place but part two (Sub-cooling and super-heating in an AC system) and part three (A multi-refrigerant fleet) respectively take place on October 24 and November 21 and all sessions are recorded for on-demand access after the event.

Webinar 1 – Heat Exchange and Change of State

Video on demand

  • The modern AC system – what are we actually trying to do?
  • Heat and heat exchange – making heat transfer work for us
  • Change of State – this is where the magic happens
  • From water to refrigerant – the basic science
  • Real world applications – an AC system overview

Webinar 2 – Sub-cooling and Super-heating in an AC system

Tue 24th Oct 4.30pm AEST or Wed 25th Oct 7pm AEST

  • The evaporator – what is going on inside?
  • The condenser – what is going on inside?
  • The TX valve – what is it really doing?
  • Measuring sub-cooling and super-heating – why it matters
  • A balanced system – when everything works well

Webinar 3 – A multi-refrigerant fleet

Tue 21st Nov 4.30pm AEST or Wed 22nd Nov 7pm AEST

  • ODP and GWP – an overview
  • The drivers of change – how we are influenced by Europe
  • Low GWP refrigerant (R1234yf) – what is the same, what is different?
  • Understanding flammability – things may not be as they seem
  • Refrigerant Identification – we have the technology, so stop guessing

Price (includes all 3 webinars):

  • $198.00 for VASA members
  • $298.00 for all other attendees

All webinars are one hour training session plus question time. Attendees receive a printable digital handout, course certificate and a video recording of the sessions to re-watch on-demand, any time.

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