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TAFE NSW launches hydrogen training

TAFE NSW and Foton Mobility Distribution (FMD) have joined forces to launch a curriculum of ‘Hydrogen Heavy Transport MicroSkill Courses’ for automotive sector workers that aim to address skill challenges in the growing fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) industry by providing specialised training.

At first the course will consist of two two-hour modules. The first, titled “Introduction to Fuel Cell Vehicles, Systems, and Components,” specifically focuses on delivering essential information for working on FCEVs, ensuring that workers are equipped to handle these advanced technologies safely.

The second, titled “Get to know the Foton FTH12 Hydrogen City Bus,” offers introductory training for working with this particular vehicle.

Foton FTH12 Hydrogen City Bus

Participants will gain an understanding of the key components involved, including the electrical and fuel cell systems, as well as the traction drive components. The module also covers the processes necessary to assist in general routine maintenance tasks.

TAFE NSW supply chain and eCommerce director Chris Greentree emphasised the importance of developing training programmes that meet the evolving needs of zero-emissions transport. 

“Business owners working with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have to ensure their employees such as mechanics and drivers are trained appropriately,” he said.

Foton FTH12 Hydrogen City Bus

FMD aftersales general manager Ross Thompson described collaborations with training organisations such as TAFE NSW as “extremely important to us”.

“They enable us to pass on our extensive body of knowledge around new energy vehicles and help us to understand what skills don’t currently exist, and what skills need developing.”

Currently, there are no specific licence classes for workers handling FCEVs. However, as the hydrogen technology landscape continues to evolve, there is a pressing need to protect consumers by equipping workers with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate this emerging field.

Independently from the partnership with FMD, TAFE NSW also offers a range of targeted MicroSkills courses designed specifically for the electric vehicle sector.

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