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VASA president Brett Meads is presenting a three-part TaT webinar series called Essential Mobile AC Principles, with a substantial discount for VASA members. The first part, Heat exchange and change of state has already taken place but part two (Sub-cooling and super-heating in an AC system) and part three (A multi-refrigerant fleet) respectively take place Continue reading Still time to catch Brett Meads webinars

Volkswagen is bringing an air-conditioning feature previously reserved for the exclusive Porsche Taycan electric car to a more affordable upcoming electric sedan called the ID.7, as well as debuting a feature that Holden introduced to the Commodore years ago. The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is increasingly becoming a major part of Continue reading VW ID.7 has Porsche-style ‘smart’ air-con

A Colorado-based start-up has come up with an efficient and effective evaporative cooler that could be adapted for mobile applications and has won this year’s Airbus Sustainable Mobility Challenge. Best suited to the kind of hot, dry climates found across much of Australia, the M-Cycle cooler is claimed to overcome the high water consumption and Continue reading Evaporative cooling solution for mobile AC?

Engineers at Purdue University in the United States have quickly improved the performance of a white paint that can passively cool surfaces. The team behind the ultra-white paint has revealed an improved formula that can keep surfaces cooler than the version demonstrated last October. A new formulation is said to reflect up to 98.1 per Continue reading Ultra-white paint cuts cooling challenges

Ferrari climate control patent

Supercar manufacturer Ferrari appears to be working on a new HVAC control system that will keep the rarefied air of its vehicle cockpits at precise temperatures. A patent filed by Ferrari includes details of climate control sensors that measure the temperature of vehicle occupants, as well as taking into account the general cabin air temperatures Continue reading Ferrari patents climate control innovation

Hyundai Motor Group has announced that it will begin introducing new technologies that are designed to improve air quality in vehicle cabins. Its first new technology is called “After-Blow,” which is designed to suppress harmful and odorous mould growth in the air-conditioning system. Allowing condensation to naturally drain from the evaporator for 30 minutes when Continue reading Hyundai unveils new air-con tech

Heat is the nemesis of many a high-performance car. All manner of heat exchangers, ranging from coolant radiators to differential coolers, have to be accommodated and given enough space, airflow and capacity to deal with myriad demanding benchmarks.  And yet, in countless situations, that fine engineering and outstanding capability will often be completely overlooked if Continue reading Bugatti reveals how it maintains cabin comfort at more than 400km/h

Hawaiian inventor Steve Feher, who pioneered the technology that provides the seat cooling now commonplace in luxury cars, has adapted it for motorcycle helmets. The Feher ACH-1 is claimed to be the first self-contained air-conditioned motorcycle helmet and is already on sale in the United States, where it costs the equivalent of $A820, and reportedly Continue reading Air-conditioned motorcycle helmet