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The Australian Government has announced a $A74.5 million investment scheme designed to help communities and business adopt electric, hydrogen-powered and bio-fuelled vehicles.  Specific details of the new scheme, called the Futures Fuel Fund, are to be announced soon. It is expected, however, that it will subsidise the purchase of alternatively powered vehicles and infrastructure. This Continue reading Australian government announces $74.5m clean transport investment

What’s wrong with this picture? The Australian flag and Australia Post logo on a one-shot DIY can of R134a for a start. This is just a selection of illegal R134a found on Australian eBay during a quick search by SightGlass News. And they seem to be selling rather successfully! We found more of the same Continue reading Illegal refrigerant trade Down Under?

VASA member Redarc Electronics recently celebrated the opening of a $22 million factory expansion that enables the company to increase production capacity by 250 per cent and create 100 new jobs within five years. It is a continuation of Redarc’s inspiring Australian manufacturing success story, one that is well known by attendees of Wire & Continue reading Redarc’s Aussie manufacturing win