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Denso Headquarters

Planned domination of the electrified vehicle components market by Japanese company Denso could take the world’s second-largest automotive parts supplier by sales to stealing the top spot from Bosch by doubling revenue from EV ingredients by 2025 and doubling it again by 2030. Denso was one of the earliest suppliers to enter the electrified vehicle Continue reading Denso gunning to knock Bosch off No.1 spot

The W201-generation Mercedes-Benz 190 has long been a much-admired model in the German brand’s extensive history. Its sharp styling, innovative features and indomitable build quality garnered it myriad fans and, by the time production ended in 1993, almost 1.9 million had been sold. It would be succeeded by several generations of C-Class, which built upon Continue reading From the archives: Mercedes W201 EV

Despite the rise of electric power and increasingly challenging emissions targets, global automotive supplier Bosch is still investing in combustion-related technologies.  Volkmar Denner, chairman of the board at Bosch, has explained that the company envisions a broad range of technologies being important for future sustainable mobility – including conventional petrol and diesel engines, as well Continue reading Bosch not abandoning internal combustion engines – yet