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CES: Construction Equipment Show?

This year’s CES exhibition – formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show but famously became one of the world’s biggest car shows in recent years – included a surprising amount of earthmoving equipment among the transparent televisions, artificial intelligence toilets (no, really) and other gadgets. Held annually in Las Vegas, CES is where companies debut Continue reading CES: Construction Equipment Show?

Smart fabric technology

A new ‘smart fabric’ billed as providing a form of climate-control air-conditioning for the wearer looks to have potential for use in car seat upholstery. Scientists at the VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland claim to have developed a new high-volume production method for hot embossing microscopic channel structures onto large areas of plastic film Continue reading Wearable AC tech for car upholstery?

Volkswagen Budd-E concept from 2016

Big automotive presence at CES highlights need for IT skills The fact that car manufacturers and suppliers are now must-see exhibitors at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) highlights the huge, high-speed collision currently occurring between transportation and technology. Take a step back from the dazzling lights in Las Vegas and the 3600-plus companies clambering Continue reading Computers on wheels in Vegas