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Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) predict that the global ocean could become a measurable source of ozone-depleting CFC-11 in the future. Commonly used as a refrigerant, propellant and foam blowing agent, CFC-12 was phased out in 2010 – although there has been some illegal use since. Nevertheless, atmospheric levels of CFC-11 are Continue reading Warming oceans could start emitting absorbed CFCs

Almost everyone in Australasia knows someone who was affected by the recent bushfire crisis, from losing loved ones, homes and livelihoods to cancelled travel plans and almost every conceivable scenario between. The ferocity and speed of many fires put them beyond human control, but that didn’t stop countless brave, selfless souls from trying. Among these Continue reading VASA director Darrel Hursey risked everything in bushfire fight

Although the Paris Agreement that was reached in 2015 marked the beginning of a global effort to limit temperature rise for this century to 2.0°C above pre-industrial levels, with the ideal outcome being 1.5°C, a new report published by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has highlighted the impact of any change beyond this Continue reading New report delivers stark message on climate change