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Expert committee denounces lack of EC response to illegal, hazardous refrigerant import A new committee established to tackle the challenges of fluorinated greenhouse gas (F-gas) regulations has slated the European Commission’s handling of illegal refrigerants.  The ‘Initiative Coolektiv’, which is led by experts from companies such as Honeywell, Chemours and Westfalen, states that refrigerants equivalent Continue reading Illegal refrigerant trade soldiers on

The end of Australian car production by Ford, Holden and Toyota has not resulted in greater uptake of R1234yf refrigerant, according to the latest Cold Hard Facts report commissioned by the Department of the Environment and Energy. Cold Hard Facts (CHF) is a detailed examination of the Australian refrigeration and air-conditioning (RAC) industry, with the Continue reading Slow YF uptake increase since end of Aussie car-making

California has voted to pass a new act that will reduce the use of “super-polluting” HFCs in an effort to cut global warming. The announcement of the new California Cooling Act comes as a great relief to many. Recently, the Trump administration has begun unwinding Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) legislation that aimed to cut the Continue reading US fight over HFC use rumbles on

New regulations and permit schemes in the works New Zealand environment minister David Parker has announced that the country will delay its ratification of the Kigali Amendment by 12 months. The year-long hiatus is to allow New Zealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to carry out the required health and safety amendments before ratification Continue reading NZ to ratify Kigali in late 2019

A staggering 32 executives from HVAC and refrigeration companies have written to US President Donald Trump and urged him to ratify the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol. The letter, which was copied to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, represented the views of companies such as Honeywell, Chemours, Dow Chemical, Ingersoll Rand, Arkema and Fujitsu Continue reading US wavers on Kigali