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Expert committee denounces lack of EC response to illegal, hazardous refrigerant import A new committee established to tackle the challenges of fluorinated greenhouse gas (F-gas) regulations has slated the European Commission’s handling of illegal refrigerants.  The ‘Initiative Coolektiv’, which is led by experts from companies such as Honeywell, Chemours and Westfalen, states that refrigerants equivalent Continue reading Illegal refrigerant trade soldiers on

Unregulated CFC use threatens ozone recovery The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) has confirmed that the long-banned CFC-11, an ozone-depleting chemical, is being used in Chinese industry. The latest report from the EIA, titled Tip of the Iceberg: Implications of Illegal CFC Production and Use, categorically demonstrates that CFC-11 is being employed as a blowing agent Continue reading Crackdown on illegal CFCs

Renewed call for global ban on disposable cylinders amid rising crime wave AS THE European phase-down of HFCs continues, the trade in illegal refrigerant is booming. This unscrupulous activity, seemingly spurred on by the reduction in the availability of high-global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants, is causing all manner of serious issues – ranging from theft Continue reading Europe mired in illegal refrigerant trade

A series of reports had attributed an alarming rise in CFC-11 emissions to Chinese factories, which were reputedly using the ozone-harming gas in their production processes.  The Chinese government, which is stated to have a “zero tolerance” approach to the use of substances outlawed by the Montreal Protocol, has subsequently acted to combat this issue.  Continue reading Rising CFC-11 emissions a result of commercial use in China

Sales of illegal disposable cylinders of refrigerant are seemingly on the rise in mainland Europe, with the likes of R124a, R404A and R407C being offered through online trading sites. In a story published by UK-based outlet Cooling Post, the title’s research revealed that in excess of 80 vendors were offering refrigerants in the classified section Continue reading Europe’s illegal refrigerant drama

Arrests in USA for illegal hydrocarbon refrigerant use

Authorities in the United States including the FBI, EPA and US Department of Transportation are cracking down on the illegal sale of unapproved hydrocarbon refrigerants used in home air-conditioning systems, culminating in a series of arrests. In contrast to the situation in Australia, where the culture of enforcement is not nearly as strong, joint investigations Continue reading Arrests in USA for illegal hydrocarbon refrigerant use

More fake refrigerant in China

Of nine refrigerant samples from eight brands of R134a refrigerant sold for automotive use in the Chinese city of Guanzshou in Guangdong province, four were found to contain unacceptable levels of contaminants such as chlorine, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and water. In another Guangdong province city, Zhuhai, 900 cylinders of fake refrigerant plus associated packaging, documentation Continue reading More fake refrigerant in China

Confiscated ozone depleting substances

More than 1300 tonnes of banned ozone-depleting substances (ODS) were seized worldwide between September 2012 and April 2014 according to figures from the United Nations Environment Programme. Confiscations included 7370 items of equipment and 9513 cylinders of refrigerant, with most seizures being of R22 refrigerant, an HCFC, while others captured CFCs like R12 and illegally Continue reading Huge illegal ozone-depleting substance haul

Enviro-Safe website

Refrigerant company Enviro-Safe has been fined $US300,000 and agreed to stop marketing and selling non-compliant, unapproved hydrocarbon refrigerants as substitutes for ozone-depleting substances in the United States. Under the consent decree, Enviro-Safe must also include warning on the packaging, website listings and marketing materials for its flammable refrigerants stating that the product is “flammable to Continue reading US hydrocarbon refrigerant company cops $300K fine