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World’s largest hydrogen-powered haul truck now under development Mining multinational Anglo American has announced that it is partnering with Williams Advanced Engineering to aid in the development of its hydrogen-powered electric mining haul truck. The project is part of the global mining company’s ‘FutureSmart Mining’ concept, which aims to develop a sustainable approach to mining Continue reading Hydrogen for haul trucks

Despite the rise of electric power and increasingly challenging emissions targets, global automotive supplier Bosch is still investing in combustion-related technologies.  Volkmar Denner, chairman of the board at Bosch, has explained that the company envisions a broad range of technologies being important for future sustainable mobility – including conventional petrol and diesel engines, as well Continue reading Bosch not abandoning internal combustion engines – yet

Cutting-edge energy storage paving the way for wider EV adoption Researchers from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) have devised an innovative new mechanical storage device. Their proposal details a carbon nanostructure made from bundles of diamond nanothreads (DNTs). These ultra-thin one-dimensional carbon threads can be twisted or stretched, allowing them to store energy in Continue reading High-density battery tech innovations

The United States Army is beginning to assess the advantages, feasibility and realities of introducing and employing electric and hybrid vehicles. Lieutenant General Eric Wesley – the director of the Futures and Concepts centre at the US Army Futures Command – explained the Army’s new interest in the technology in an interview with specialist outlet Continue reading US Army eyes up electric power

Ford has announced that an all-electric version of its popular Transit van is due to be introduced towards the end of 2021.  The van, which will initially be offered in North American and reportedly European markets, will be ideal for companies striving to meet new sustainability and emissions targets. Replacing conventional diesel or petrol vans Continue reading Ford previews Transit Van EV

GM to aid in design of all-electric Hondas Your next Honda could be an electric car based on General Motors (GM) technology, thanks to a new collaboration announced in April. Honda will use GM’s third-generation flexible electric vehicle (EV) platform, which is powered by the Detroit-based multinational’s proprietary “Ultium” batteries, to underpin two all-new cars.  Continue reading Honda, GM team up for next-gen EVs