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AS AUSTRALIA works towards an HFC phasedown, the European experience – in particular, the illegal importation of CO2-equivalent HFCs – is highlighting challenges that could lie ahead for our industry. Among a number of refrigerant manufacturers to raise concerns about illegal imports, Honeywell claims that more than 10 million tonnes of unaccounted CO2-equivalent HFCs flooded Continue reading CONCERNS OVER ILLEGAL HFC IMPORTS TO EU DESPITE STRICT F-GAS CONTROLS

GLOBAL representatives of the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industry have issued an open letter urging businesses and governments to recognise an act upon the environmental and safety risks associated with retrofitting equipment to non-approved refrigerants. The document was forged at the recent Montreal Protocol talks in Vienna, signed by associations from Australia, Brazil, Continue reading USE THE RIGHT REFRIGERANT

IT MIGHT sound like crystal ball gazing, but prognostic technology – the ability to predict and notify drivers when components need attention – is already underway in modern connected vehicles and stands to benefit all those concerned including the manufacturer, repairer and owner. While this sort of advanced connected technology can give owners an unprecedented Continue reading CONNECTED CARS COULD PREDICT COMPONENT FAILURES


IN RECENT months, premium car brands including Tesla and Audi have been promoting the high levels of protection provided by leaps forward in cabin filter technology used in their latest models. The publicity certainly raises consumer awareness of cabin filters, which is great for those in the business of servicing car air-conditioning systems, but even Continue reading BREATHE EASY


MORE details have emerged from the Australian federal government’s review of the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act, following the June 27 announcement that it will introduce a statutory phasedown to imports of HFCs (such as R134a) from January 2018. As SightGlass eNews reported following the phasedown announcement, the government has its sights Continue reading OZONE ACT OUTCOME

TAKING the initiative to create a roadshow of seminars designed to help businesses and technicians understand and prepare for low global warming potential refrigerants has attracted international interest for future:gas and the Australasian industry behind it. Representatives from global vehicle manufacturers attended some seminars and one even suggested the program be extended to Southeast Asia. Continue reading LEADING THE WORLD