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Tesla Model X has the best cabin filter you’ve ever seen

Tesla is known for producing desirable electric luxury cars, and now home energy storage systems using its battery technology, but it caught VASA’s attention when unveiling the new Model X SUV because ts cabin filter has a ‘bioweapon defence mode’.

Elon Musk presenting the Tesla Model X and its cabin filter technology

Enigmatic Tesla founder Elon Musk spent some time talking about cabin air filtration during his 30-minute Model X product presentation, holding up the filters fitted to his quirky new SUV to show how much bigger they are than those fitted to most passenger vehicles.

“Our secondary air filter is bigger than the primary air filter of a typical car,” said Mr Musk.

“Not only is (the primary filter) 10 times larger in area, the quality of the filter is better, so that translates to a several hundred-fold improvement to filtration capability.”

Mr Musk claimed the Tesla’s filter is “300 times better at filtering bacteria, 500 times better at allergens, 700 times better at soot or smog and 800 times better at filtering viruses”.

Tesla cabin filter size comparison
Tesla cabin filter size comparison

“And this is on a bad day, so this is the minimum passing grade when it is operating at its worst.”

He went on to explain that in addition to particle filtration, the Model X has a three-stage carbon filter that has a universal absorbent layer for removing airborne pollutants such as hydrocarbons, plus two activated carbon layers for filtering out acidic gases such as sulphur and alkaline gases such as ammonia.

“The net effect of the air filtration system is that you have air cleanliness levels comparable to a hospital operating room in the car,” claimed Mr Musk.

“In fact when the car is operating at maximum capability, we can’t even detect any bacteria, viruses or spores – it’s like zero.”

Tesla bioweapon defense mode
Tesla bioweapon defense mode

Following up recent updates to the Model S sedan that enabled humorously titled “insane” and “ludicrous” performance modes, Mr Musk revealed the air filtration capabilities Model X included a “bioweapon defence mode”.

“If there is ever an apocalyptic scenario of some kind, hypothetically, you just press the bioweapon defence mode button,” said Mr Musk. “This is a real button!”

“We’re trying to be a leader in apocalyptic defence scenarios,” he joked.

Not included in Mr Musks’s presentation but explained on the Tesla website is that the bioweapon defence mode creates positive pressure inside the cabin. The website also describes the system as a medical grade HEPA filter that “strips outside air of pollen, bacteria, viruses and pollution”.

Ryco launches aftermarket cabin filter upgrade

Ryco claims its new MicroShield aftermarket cabin filter is the only available in Australasia that can protect vehicle occupants against mould, mites and influenza.

Ryco Micro Sheild Cabin Air Filter
Ryco Micro Sheild Cabin Air Filter

The company says the product is lab tested to filter out harmful particles of 2.5 microns or less (40 times smaller than the breadth of a human hair) and therefore the “tiniest, most harmful bacteria”.

Multiple layers are able to trap 94 per cent of airborne contaminants linked to headaches, nausea, fatigue, asthma and other respiratory problems.

Ryco reminds workshops that there are profits in promoting the replacement of cabin filters and estimates that 9.5 million vehicles in Austalia and 2.5 million in New Zealand are fitted with them.

As part of Ryco’s introductory promotion of the MicroShield cabin filters, it is offering workshops that purchase and fit any of its cabin filters the opportunity to win one of 20 Visa cards pre-loaded with $1000.

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