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Toyota builds refrigerated VaccineCruiser based on 78-series Troopy, gets WHO tick of approval

Toyota has built the world’s first refrigerated vehicle to get Performance, Quality and Safety prequalification from the World Health Organisation for the transport of vaccines.

Toyota LandCruiser 78 'Troopy' modified for the refrigerated transport of vaccines

Based on a LandCruiser 78 ‘Troopy’, the project will help reduce the amount of vaccines wasted by exposure to temperature fluctuations during transportation to hospitals and clinics in regions where road conditions are unsuitable for regular refrigerated transport methods.

Around a fifth of supplied vaccines become unusable for this reason, contributing to the 1.5 million children around the world who die each year of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Inside the Troopy is a B Medical Systems CF850 vaccine refrigerator capable of storing 400 vaccine packages with battery backup that enables around 16 hours of operation without a power supply. The battery is charged by the vehicle while driving or from external power sources while parked.

B Medical Systems CF850 vaccine refrigerator
B Medical Systems CF850 vaccine refrigerator

The refrigerated VaccineCruiser was jointly developed by three companies, all of which gained Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) prequalification, meaning the vehicle meets equipment selection standards of agencies related to the United Nations, leading non-government organisations and charities.

It also means developing nations without their own medical device qualification program can adopt the PQS standard to help ensure the effective use of vaccines.

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