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Van delivers improved apprentice outcomes

TAFE Queensland SkillsTech was the first in the Sunshine State to kit out a fleet of vans that can deliver automotive apprentice training and assessment on-site at their workplace with minimal disruption to their employer and colleagues.

Each of the three vans is equipped for a different qualification with a workbench, desk, awning, tool kit and automotive components for practical demonstrations and assessments.

A mobile internet connection to TAFE Queensland’s ‘Connect’ online education portal and CDX computer-based training is also provided.

One of the major benefits to come from this van initiative is an ability to fill in the gaps between the daily real-world tasks at the apprentice’s workplace and the broader assessment criteria of their qualification.

The vans have been on the road for around two years and visit apprentices every four to six weeks.

During a tour and demonstration of the facility, SkillsTech automotive teacher Scott Lewis told SightGlass eNews he had quickly noticed improved outcomes for the apprentices.

He said the initiative simultaneously addressed the problems of workplaces not necessarily having the equipment required for certain training or assessment and potential for apprentice non-attendance to the TAFE campus.

Employers also appreciated the reduced disruption of TAFE training and assessment not taking place in their busy workshops.

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