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VASA member SuperCool Group launches world-first cold chain temperature tracking tech

SuperCool Group, headed by VASA director Mark Mitchell, has launched a suite of products designed to improve standards and practices for the transport and storage of refrigerated food and pharmaceuticals.

Through first-hand experience of challenges facing the global cold chain and knowledge gained from their longstanding relationship with Euroscan co-founder and former CEO Ron Quaedvlieg, Mark Mitchell and SuperCool Group general manager Jon Mitchell started exploring better ways of monitoring and recording food product temperatures.

A joint research and development project was struck between SuperCool Group and Griffith University, led by Dr Hanan Hamid, who developed the first prototypes of what is now known as the SuperSense SMARTprobe that eliminates the need to insert sensors and thermometers into chilled or frozen goods for the measuring their core temperatures and SuperSense SMARTware, which calculates the temperature of food products in various environmental and refrigerated conditions based information from the ingredients shown on the manufacturers’ data sheets or the food product packaging.

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