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VASA VP Brett Meads outlines refrigerant risks to ARTSA Heavy Vehicle Fire conference in Sydney

Brett Meads
Brett Meads

VASA Vice-President Brett Meads delivered a talk to the Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ARTSA) conference about the causes and prevention of heavy vehicle fires in Sydney on August 15.

Brett’s presentation provided an overview of the changes in refrigerants used in automotive AC applications, including the environmental drivers for these changes. Time was spent discussing the differing flammability classes of refrigerants including the use of non-approved A3 refrigerants and the associated risks. A case study was made of a truck fire involving flammable hydrocarbon A3 refrigerant, including the importance of increased awareness for first responders, fleet managers and operators.

The one-day event brought together forensic experts, policymakers, manufacturers, operators, regulators and component suppliers to share their experience on what is not only a major issue in the heavy vehicle sector, but one of the largest insurance claims categories in Australia.

Truck and trailer fires also cause significant inconvenience, not to mention considerable environmental and public safety risk. The event focussed on why these fires occur and what can be done to prevent them is the focus of this one-day event.

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