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About VASA

VASA is a non-profit organisation representing the technicians, professional service centres, suppliers and original equipment manufacturers of the automotive air conditioning, electrical and thermal management industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Established in 1993 as Vehicle Air-conditioning Specialists of Australasia, the association’s goal was to help the Australasian auto industry navigate the change away from ozone-depleting air-conditioning refrigerant R12 in compliance with the Montreal Protocol, VASA is now regarded as a significant force and takes an active role in many national issues at the highest level of government and trade training.



VASA’s head office is at Ormeau in Queensland, while all other aspects of VASA operations are handled either by certain Directors or the Executive Director of Communications and Editorial.

The VASA board members are volunteers from the industry located at various businesses around Australia and New Zealand. VASA members can be found in every state and territory in Australia and New Zealand.


The VASA Board

Brett Meads – President

President: Brett Meads

Mark Rowe – Vice President

Vice President: Mark Rowe

Catherine Tocker – NZ Director

Director: Catherine Tocker

Ian Stangroome – Director, former President

Treasurer: Ian Stangroome

Robert Picone – Director

Director: Robert Picone

Brendan Sorensen – Director

Director: Brendan Sorensen

Casey Swain – Director

Director: Casey Swain

Tim Boyd – Director

Director: Tim Boyd

Haitham Razagui – Communications Director

Communications & Editorial Director: Haitham Razagui


VASA’s role

VASA strives to improve and maintain standards of automotive air conditioning and auto electrical installation, repairs and maintenance through technical training and sharing of information

We provide a professional consultancy representing the automotive air-conditioning, engine cooling and auto electrical industry which can advise governments, environmental and standards authorities, insurance companies and kindred automotive organisations on matters affecting the industry.

We ensure that members keep abreast of rapid technology changes in automotive engineering. Through conventions, trade shows and regional workshop training programs, VASA contributes to the continuing advancement and education of members.

VASA promotes a culture of caring customer service, transparent business practices, professional fault diagnosis and consistent repair and warranty procedures in all VASA workshops and have developed and maintained a code of technical standards and business ethics which is self-regulatory and strictly enforced.



As of November 2016 VASA has a single full-benefits membership type with an annual fee of $199
VASA members include workshops, technicians, industry bodies, manufacturers, wholesalers or corporations serving the automotive air conditioning, electrical or engine cooling industry.

Technician members must hold or be studying towards a Certificate III in automotive electrical, or a Certificate II in Automotive (Mechanical-Radiator Repairs), or a Certificate II in Air Conditioning or a National Refrigerant Handling licence. Other qualifications as approved by VASA.

Members have full voting rights plus access to all VASA entitlements and publications.

VASA memberships are valid for 12 months, include GST and are in Australian dollars.

Click here to join VASA.

Service standards

Service standards

Equipment list standards

VASA’s operating philosophy is based on the application of professional service standards. The following service standards are in addition to the guidelines established by relevant legislation (enforced via the Codes of Practice) when dealing with prescribed substances.

These standards are the guidelines for servicing to be used on all systems, irrespective of the refrigerant being used (i e Ozone depleting or non-ozone depleting).

It is not feasible for VASA to specify acceptable service and repair procedures for all systems simply because of the diversity in systems. The procedures listed here are generic and can be applied to a majority of vehicle air conditioning systems. When working on systems where it is deemed that due to complexity, layout or design, additional procedures are required, the VASA technician must perform tasks that maintain the integrity of the system. Specifically, those technicians who work with earthmoving plant and agricultural equipment will have a more extensive service list than indicated here, as will chiller and freezer units and systems incorporating complex electronic control systems.

Service equipment

To perform service procedures to an acceptable standard all VASA member workshops/technicians must have the following equipment as a MINIMUM.

  • Manifold and gauge set/s, refrigerant dedicated
  • Hose set with service couplers, refrigerant dedicated and conforming with all relevant States Codes of Practice (where applicable)
  • Refrigerant Weight/Volume measuring equipment, incorporated into charging station or independent item. Usually a graduated charging cylinder (dial-a-charge) or electronic weight platform
  • Vacuum pump capable of – 100.6 kPa (-29.62 InHg.)
  • Electronic leak detector either audible/visible electronic or heated diode type
  • Thermometer
  • Oil Measuring Equipment, oil injector, syringe or graduated container
  • Servicing labels specifying refrigerant, oil, service dates and must comply with state regulations.
  • Recovery Station for the recovery of prescribed substances (must comply with AS 4211.1)
  • Digital Multi-Meter mandatory for the testing of electronic control systems
  • Hand/Power tools, adequate range to facilitate service and repair
  • Hoist/Ramp/Pit/Floor jacks, with safety stands/locking mechanisms operational
  • Safety glasses/gloves


Articles of Association

Click here to view VASA’s Memorandum and Articles of Association (last updated 30 May, 2009).


The benefits of VASA membership

As a technician in today’s rapidly changing automotive world, you just can’t gather enough information to keep your business profitable and your skills up to date. To stay ahead of the game, you need the resources and support of the VASA network to help you compete with the corporate chains and dealerships.

VASA membership pays dividends well beyond its small annual membership fee with benefits like:

  • recognition as an industry specialist by your membership of Australasia’s largest independent group of air conditioning, electrical and cooling technicians
  • subscription to our monthly SightGlass eNews electronic newsletter – featuring the latest news, information and tips from the industry
  • discounted access to cutting edge industry training by leading trainers
  • issues of VASA’s full-colour printed SightGlass News
  • access to the member-only section of the VASA website where you will find VASA’s own Registered Technician Program (RTP) on air conditioning, archived copies of MACS technical bulletins, and a selection of other training and reference material
  • support and representation of your business by VASA board members at state and federal government level and industry groups. It is essential that the needs of the automotive air conditioning, electrical and cooling industry are taken into consideration with issues such as the carbon trading scheme and the introduction of new low global warming refrigerants for automotive use.