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Code of Service

The Customer

Through honesty, professional integrity and application of superior technical knowledge, to provide every customer with an exemplary experience which will encourage long term loyalty to the VASA brand.

  1. The customer will be treated with respect.
  2. Dealings with the customer will reflect a high quality of service and a professional image of a knowledgeable network of technicians.
  3. Every vehicle will be diagnosed and repaired in full consultation with the customer.
  4. The aim is to get the vehicle safely back on the road as soon as possible, regardless of any outstanding issues or challenges relating to earlier repair, warranty disputes or incorrect diagnosis.
  5. Warranty is not the customer’s problem – such issues will be resolved amicably and professionally between the Service Centre and its suppliers, without compromising the customer in any way.
  6. Following the preliminary inspection by the technician, the customer will be given an estimate of the cost of the necessary repair, an outline of the work and parts required. Replacement parts, with costs if available, will be listed separately to the service charges.
  7. The customer will be advised, preferably in writing, whether the estimate is subject to further diagnostic tests, or whether the quotation is final.
  8. Where a complex diagnosis is required, the customer will be advised of any charges for diagnostic tests and a written report.
  9. If additional repairs are found to be necessary, the cost of which would exceed the amount quoted or estimated, the customer will be contacted to explain what is required and to seek authorisation for any additional costs before any further work proceeds.
  10. Full details of all work carried out will be listed on invoices along with the corresponding charges for labour, spare parts and materials.
  11. All parts replaced will be available for inspection by the customer, where practicable, and an explanation of why the parts have failed will be offered.
  12. Services or repairs will be guaranteed against any failure due to defective recommended parts or faulty workmanship.
  13. Any dispute between the Service Centre and the customer will be resolved quickly and amicably.

The VASA Service Centre

To offer the motoring public a professional network of technicians and Service Centres committed to industry best practice. To ensure the future viability of the VASA network through continuing education and training of all staff, at all levels within every business.

  1. Members of VASA Service Centres will engage in sufficient training, education or skills development to enable them to keep pace with the technologies required to repair modern vehicles.
  2. Members are responsible for upholding the professional integrity and work ethics of the VASA network and the automotive industry, and will avoid any conduct that may bring discredit to VASA and its members.
  3. Members will act with honesty, fairness and professional courtesy in all dealings with the public, other VASA members and fellow technicians.
  4. Members will apply best work practices as set out in relevant technical resources and Codes of Practice and will promote the use of approved and recommended parts, equipment and consumables in all repairs and maintenance.
  5. Members will endeavour to educate the public on the long-term value of using approved replacement parts. Where a customer decides on a lower-quality parts option, the Service Centre will note on the final invoice that non-recommended parts have been nominated by the customer, therefore the Service Centre will accept no liability for any failure of parts or subsequent damage to vehicle systems.
  6. Members will discharge their responsibility to their employees by observing all laws and collective and individual employment contracts or agreements, and by providing technical training, support and instruction to enable them to be productive and efficient employees capable of contributing positively to the welfare of the business.
  7. Members will provide adequate working conditions, equipment and facilities, and ensure proper supervision of all safety standards and work practices.
  8. Members reserve the right to refuse to undertake any repair that is beyond the Service Centre’s equipment capacity or staff expertise. This right also extends to any situation where the customer insists on a part-repair that, in the member’s opinion, will put other components or systems at risk of failure. The member will fully inform the customer why such refusal is necessary.
  9. Members will take the time to educate customers on the need for proper maintenance of specific vehicle systems and make available relevant brochures or cutaway parts to promote a better understanding of the need for scheduled maintenance.
  10. Members will take responsibility for their own workshop practices and be prepared to guarantee that their practices, and the parts or equipment they fit in any repair, will provide trouble free operation when used in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.
  11. Members will adopt open and readily understood warranty practices as an integral part of their business operations.
  12. Members will refrain from criticising the actions of fellow members, and vow to strengthen the network through sharing of technical information and skills and offering assistance to fellow members when required.
  13. Members will be environmentally responsible, ensuring compliance with environmental and energy efficiency guidelines or regulations

Issued by the Board of Directors of VASA
May 2010

This is the symbol of professionalism in vehicle airconditioning installation, repair and maintenance.

When a car owner entrusts their vehicle to a workshop showing this symbol, there is a guarantee that the technicians working on your car have undertaken the proper industry training and the business follows an ethical standard with regard to service and warranty which is monitored by VASA