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Bill Penfold

Bill started as sales manager for a company called Car Radio City, Artarmon in 1969. The same year he formed a subsidiary company called Auto-Cool. He did a basic three month training with Barry Oris at Aust Mobile Air, Camperdown.

Bill started A/C on English cars from Rowley Motors, Triumph Stag, 2500 Dolomite, Range Rover. Because no units were available, he designed his own systems, and in the process attracted the attention of suppliers interested in designing units for them.

Bill worked part-time for Hi-Line and then formed a company called Car Air Conditioning, mainly doing European cars Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Mercedes, Volvo. He started his own company in 1982, called Bill Penfold Auto Air & Sound this time concentrating on European cars. He developed factory air for Alfa 33, Peugeot 504 and Renault 20. Bill developed an expertise in mount kits and started a company called B & M Mount Kits with Mike Irvine, which is still going today.

Bill specialised in A/C into wedding cars as early as 1938 onwards cars such as Roll Royce 49, Bentleys and Jaguars. He resigned from his company after 20+ years and joined Sanden as their Warranty & Service Engineer where he still labours away to this day.

He regards the high points of his career as developing and supplying factory approved air for Alfa Romeo Australia Alfa 33, Alfa 75: England Peugeot 504, Triumph 2.5; Renault Australia Renault 20