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Damien Petrie

Founder of Bonny Auto Air

Why Damien earned the name of Bonny remains a mystery to this day. However, he started out as a technician in the Australian navy and then worked for a company servicing and repairing car radios.

He quickly found that the real adventure was working on the new airconditioning systems that his employer, A B Bar’s were fitting. From here he found his way to Freeway car air in Malvern and after a few years started Bonny auto air in 1977.

He shared premises to start with at Moorabbin until he started an onsite service in that area from the back of his mini panel van. He continued in this fashion until he rented his own factory in 1984 where he has traded to this day.

He has trained many others in our industry and some of them are now successful in their own right.

Damien a formidable supporter of his own industry and its standards and for his continuing support of VASA, the directors thank him sincerely.