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Frank Allison

CEO IMACA (International Mobile Air Conditioning Association – USA)

Every now and then, an organisation needs to recognise that its success and its philosophies are influenced by a great mind. Everyone needs a mentor VASA’s is Frank Allison, the CEO of the International Mobile Airconditioning Association in Texas.

Frank Allison has been VASA’s shadow since the early 1990s, when there were stirrings for an auto airconditioning organisation in Australia.

Frank has been in the game since the 50s, and knows at first hand about every airconditioning issue, every product, every service ethic and every threat and opportunity.

It is therefore of some great pride to VASA that Frank and his organisation thinks so well of VASA’s efforts that IMACA has entered a joint venture with VASA to take the RTP to America and the Spanish speaking countries.

In these tenuous times, with major changes in our industry occurring almost daily; when old traditional relationships are being dismantled around the world; someone like Frank Allison holds his position firmly at the cutting edge. He will play a major role in the steering of this industry, internationally, through these changing times.

VASA is indeed most fortunate to have fallen into Frank Allisons close circle of professional friends. VASA will benefit from this association. Every decision by Frank Allison and his associates in the US will impact on VASA. By being able to collaborate with him directly, we have a competitive edge in the market place. If this were a religious revival, we could claim that VASA has a direct link with God.

Frank Allison died, aged 80, in July 2011. Click here to read his full history.

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