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Gary Wilkie

After successfully completing his auto-electrical trade, Gary worked as a well-respected tradesman for a number of years. Gary is a quick learner and a good listener. He has a natural talent for problem solving and displays meticulous organisation skills. 

In 1987 Gary saw an opportunity to do more for his trade and joined the Ingrams Company as a sales representative. As a rep Gary was a rare breed. His engaging nature, product knowledge and willingness to help made Gary the kind of rep that you were actually pleased to have call on your shop. Many workshops directly benefited from Gary’s work ethic and accountability.

Around 1998 Gary’s employer saw the need for expansion and put in place plans for a new-to-industry branch on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Gary was the obvious choice for branch manager. A role he still holds today.

The Ashdown-Ingram Sunshine Coast branch was one of the best-performing branches in the country, and, under Gary’s leadership, was awarded branch of the year on a number of occasions.

Part of the reason for Gary’s success is his customer relations. Knowing what it is like when things in the workshop start to become challenging, Gary always goes out of his way to help customers out of tough situations, and this has forged some great friendships along the way.

Gary has always been known by the trade for his product knowledge, but you should be aware that Gary is just as highly regarded by his colleagues and peers within Ashdown-Ingram. Gary is a regular adviser to his product department and a valued contributor to catalogue design.

Our industry is significantly better off thanks to the contribution Gary Wilkie has made over so many years.