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George Jackson

The late George Jackson

Founder of Mobile Air Parts, later Palm Air

George was 82 and still in the business when he received this award. He was still importing some air conditioning compoents and was still Australian agent for Ogura clutches, a loyal association which goes back to the sixties.

George’s association with airconditioning goes back a lot further, when he started with Mitchell Discal in America. He was involved with the first exports of the most famous of all after market airconditioning units, the Mark IV back in 1949. The first units went to the US servicemen stationed in Japan.

George was with Mitchell Discal when it began trading in Hong Kong in 1963 with his partner Wayne Fogelstorm.

In 1967, through Mitchell Discal, the Mark IV was brought to Australia and George had a great deal to do with the promotion of airconditioning as an essential to driving in Australian conditions.

He started his own firm, Mobile Air Parts, changed it to Palm Air in 1973 and then later sold this to his employees.