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John Blanchard Jr

CoolDrive Auto Parts CEO John Blanchard
CoolDrive Auto Parts CEO John Blanchard

John Blanchard Jr is a founding director of VASA who, in his role as CEO and MD of CoolDrive Auto Parts, oversees one of Australia’s largest automotive aftermarket component suppliers, which employs staff numbering over 500.

Originally focusing on passenger vehicle air-conditioning equipment and expertise, CoolDrive Auto Parts has experienced outstanding growth over more than four decades since the early days of Melbourne Auto Air, rapidly expanding into a variety of sectors such as rotating electrical, engine cooling, underbody, accessories and more.  

John believes a key driver for the business is to continue to distribute the highest quality products and deliver outstanding value.

At CoolDrive Auto Parts John ensures the company is continually listening to customers’ and suppliers’ needs and will work and communicate with them to ensure those needs are met and exceeded where possible.

This applies equally in relation to the product range, product availability, services and knowledge and their branch presence.

John recognises the local aftermarket industry is changing significantly which calls for businesses to be progressive and adaptive.