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Car Owner’s Guide

In Australia and New Zealand, there are many thousands of vehicle workshops which claim to be capable of either installation or repair and maintenance of vehicle airconditioning systems and the complex electrics and electronics which control those systems.

The reality is that unless technicians are specially trained, they do not have the specialised skills necessary to properly diagnose system problems.

VASA represents only the professionals in the industry. For a listing of where you can find a VASA repair workshop or technician, go to Find VASA Members

VASA technicians and workshop owners attend regular training to top up their skills and knowledge.

Motorists need to be aware that the old ‘regass’ or ‘top-up’ solution to an air-conditioning system which is not performing well, is no longer valid nor legal. Vehicles just don’t need ‘regassing’ any more. If they do, it’s surely a sign of a problem in one of the other components such as the compressor, receiver drier, evaporator or any one of a number of connections or valves which are required to run the system efficiently.

These days, there are environmental considerations to take into account. Backyard ‘regassers are more likely than not breaking the law when they simply let old refrigerant gas escape into the atmosphere. It is now a serious offence in Australia, and is frowned on in New Zealand.

VASA members are not only committed to best practice air-conditioning diagnosis and maintenance, but are participants in the cooperative industry effort to capture and recycle all refrigerant gas in a way which will not impact on the environment.