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Don’t waste precious R134a

VASA is urging its members to conserve R134a, as rumours mount about price increases.
Depending on which website you visit, there are warnings of price increases of 10% to 35% in coming months.
The VASA board was told recently of one buyer of R134a for medical uses who was hit with a major price increase of more than 20%.
VASA members can be better prepared for possible major price increases by being more careful about the handling and storage of R134a.
“Now is the time to conserve refrigerant,” says VASA president Ian Stangroome.
“Check your cylinders. Make sure there are no leaks. Be vigilant about the state of your storage, recovery and test equipment.
“If R134a is going to be like gold, it might be worthwhile considering the purchase of a gas identifier and a recycling machine if you haven’t already done so.
“Some of the bigger workshops do this already, and it’s good insurance for any future price hike or refrigerant shortage,” added Ian.

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