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• Some car manufacturers only started providing independent repairers with access to technical websites during the course of the ACCC market study

• Gaining information from some brands could take up to two weeks

• Only certain car manufacturers appeared to be providing access to much of the types of technical information independent repairers need to repair and service new cars

• ACCC’s technical expert was unable to register as an Australian independent repairer to access information from a particular car manufacturer’s online platform. The only way of obtaining the necessary programming information to complete the repair was to seek assistance from an authorised dealer, in other words relying on a direct competitor

• In some cases ACCC was advised that technical information was available from dealers, which then refused to provide the requested information

• Despite voluntary commitments, many car manufacturers still did not provide online access to technical information, including several large brands

• Some manufacturers that do share data still restrict access to environmental, safety or security-related information due to perceived risks of increased car thefts or unauthorised modifications

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