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Adelaide gets new Auto Innovation Centre

The Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) has opened a new Auto Innovation Centre in Adelaide.

Its new technical facility offers a wide array of engineering services and testing technologies to the automotive aftermarket, which will help companies accelerate the development of new products and bolster the industry.

“This facility, in addition to the Melbourne AIC centre, is the culmination of eight years of passion and hard work, and opens up new product development opportunities for businesses,” said Stuart Charity, chief executive officer of the AAAA.

The Adelaide AIC is equipped with a range of vehicle testing services, including electronic stability control performance testing rigs, tensile testing, vibration testing equipment, a shock dyno and additive manufacturing capabilities. 

A vehicle fleet is also on hand, for product testing, and each vehicle is torn down for scanning – granting businesses access to high-quality data that can be used for design and development. Workshop facilities can be hired as well, while training and education activities will serve to further advance the industry and support those who work within it. 

Present at the opening of the event, on 29 April in the Adelaide suburb of Edinburgh, were nearly 100 industry representatives, dignities, sponsors and media – the facility itself was opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by Senator Rex Patrick.

Luke Truskinger, managing director of the AIC, said: “We can’t wait to start utilising our unique technology, equipment and know-how to improve development capabilities of our diverse and exciting automotive aftermarket businesses here in South Australia, nationally and beyond.”

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