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Another hydrocarbon refrigerant incident?

Two people were hospitalised with “significant” burns caused by a refrigeration compressor explosion at the food court of Parabanks Shopping Centre in Adelaide on September 7.

A tradesperson working on the compressor reportedly suffered full body burns to their chest and face in the incident, which also inflicted burns to the legs of the owner of Yummy Fish takeaway, where the compressor was located.

The shopping mall was temporarily evacuated following the blast, which is under investigation by SafeWork SA and local police.

According to ABC News, the Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) said a contractor suffered “full body burns” in the incident it described as a “flash event” that may have involved gas.

A witness told ABC News the flame was “huge” and “took up half of their place”.

“It was a bit scary,” the witness said. “It kept burning for a little bit so that’s why everybody pretty much ran and left.”

MFS senior officer David Potter said the contractor and the owner of the shop were treated by paramedics at the scene before being taken by ambulance to the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

“We attended and, upon investigation, found there was an explosion … two persons had been impacted by that explosion and were suffering significant burns,” he said.

“There were contractors on site, they were working on a compressor, the actual cause of ignition is yet to be determined.”

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