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IN RECENT months, premium car brands including Tesla and Audi have been promoting the high levels of protection provided by leaps forward in cabin filter technology used in their latest models.

The publicity certainly raises consumer awareness of cabin filters, which is great for those in the business of servicing car air-conditioning systems, but even better is the fact that OEM-spec filters preventing 98 per cent of bacteria, moulds and allergens from entering the passenger compartment are now available to the aftermarket in Australasia.

MANN+HUMMEL, the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive, industrial and water filtration technology and a major original equipment supplier to global carmakers, has developed a high-performance cabin filter range called FreciousPlus, sold under its MANN FILTER brand.

In addition to the standard pollen and activated carbon layers, FreciousPlus cabin filters include a layer made from polyphenols – a naturally occurring substance found in green tea, apples, grapes and pomegranates – that neutralises allergens.

Because polyphenols are a natural substance that can decompose, the layer is treated and preserved with a biocide shield that also kills bacteria and traps mould spores that would otherwise pass through the filter and into the passenger compartment.

Although a good cabin filter can trap almost 100 per cent of pollen, humidity, temperature fluctuations and other environmental factors can break it down and lead to the release of smaller allergenic particles into the cabin.

But the polyphenol layer of the FreciousPlus filter prevents this from happening.

Independent German testing body bifa Umweltintitut GmbH has confirmed that FreciousPlus cabin filters reduce allergens and microbes from entering the passenger compartment by 98 per cent.

MANN FILTER recommends the FreciousPlus filters are replaced every 12 months of 15,000 kilometres, which is worth reminding your customers. Who doesn’t see the value in breathing clean, allergen-free air?

FreciousPlus filters are available for a broad range of applications and all MANN FILTER products are manufactured to OEM specifications, with each filter designated a unique part number.

At least two car manufacturers have adopted FreciousPlus technology for their models, so you can offer filters to your customers with confidence.

If the MANN+HUMMEL name sounds familiar, it is because this German company is a major supplier of air intake systems, inlet manifolds and air, oil and fuel filters to car manufacturers worldwide.

HELLA Australia is the official distributor of Mann Filters in Australia and New Zealand. HELLA customer service can be contacted on 1800 061 729 or

Allergens are usually proteins or protein compounds that are identified by the immune system of an allergy sufferer as foreign bodies, causing it to over-react with symptoms such as coughing and sneezing.

A primary cause of allergic reaction is pollen grains containing allergens. Pollen is one of the largest particles caught by conventional cabin filters, but the problem comes after those pollen particles start to break down and release allergens small enough to pass through the filter.

The polyphenols used in FreciousPlus cabin filters absorb these allergens, which remain trapped, neutralised and unable to cause allergic reactions in the passenger compartment.

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