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THE first and only sealed maintenance free (SMF) battery designed and built in Australia represents Brisbane-based Century Batteries’ commitment to local manufacturing, with millions in research and development spend backed up by a $3m upgrade to its manufacturing facility.

Designed for Australian conditions, the increasing electrical demands of modern vehicles and time-poor consumers who are less mechanically car-savvy, the new SMF battery is also suitable for the increasing numbers of vehicles in which the battery is in the boot or under a seat.

Century Batteries Australasian automotive general manager Stu Stanners wanted Australians to support local battery manufacturing in the same way they had the dairy industry.

“We employ over 600 people alone and when you take into account the other national businesses dependent on our contracts this stretches to thousands of Aussie jobs. So you can see why we are passionate about keeping manufacturing in Australia,” he said.

“While the Reserve Bank suggests the future for Australian manufacturing lies in conducting research, development and design at home while doing production offshore, we have invested millions of dollars to ensure we continue to be operational in Australia for years to come.”

Century has also launched a redesigned Overlander 4×4 battery with hybrid calcium and antinomy internals that can  both start the engine and handle discharge from accessories such as winches without damaging the internal components and affecting its overall life.

This is critical during low-speed, high-heat conditions found in off-road driving, when CB radios and other accessories are used.

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