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Forklift battery life and range benefit from hydraulic motor tech

KersTech, an electric vehicle (EV) drivetrain manufacturer, has created a dual motor for commercial EVs that combines an electric motor with a hydraulic motor to extend battery life and boost range.

KersTech claims their TwinTorq hydraulic motors are three times more energy efficient than a regular electric motor during a vehicle’s initial acceleration phase; they are also able to offer better regenerative braking at lower speeds.

To maximise efficiency and lower battery demand, software controls how much torque is shared between the hydraulic and electric motors; as a result, KersTech claims EV runtime can be increased by up to 45 per cent.

The TwinTorq motors can be scaled to suit most EVs weighing between 900 kg and 27000kg; they are particularly suited to vehicles that have frequent start-stop drive cycles.

This is because the hydraulic motor provides high-efficiency starting torque at slower speeds compared to an electric motor. They are also kinder to batteries, so their life expectancy is increased too.

KersTech’s first application is electric forklifts, because 65 per cent of new forklifts are already electric; they provide the perfect market entrance to demonstrate and sell the advantages of the TwinTorq system.

However, other applications coming on stream will include city and shuttle buses, garbage, parcel, and mail trucks, as well as port vehicles.

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