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High-end UK EV conversion shop Lunaz gets into garbage trucks

British electro-mod specialist Lunaz has diversified from classic cars to the conversion of industrial vehicles under its Lunaz Applied Technologies (LAT) division. 

Lunaz EV-converted classic cars and garbage trucks

This new venture by the company – founded in 2018 by entrepreneur David Lorenz and engineer Jon Hilton, with investment from former soccer star David Beckham – focuses on transforming diesel garbage trucks into electric vehicles, promoting sustainability in waste management.

The upcycling process carried out by Lunaz involves a thorough evaluation, stripping down, and comprehensive restoration of each vehicle. They address bodywork issues and replace or strengthen parts where necessary.

Lunaz’s in-house electric motors and powertrains are specifically designed to maintain the original performance traits of the donor vehicles, helping ensure seamless integration of the new powertrain.

The new 23,226 square-metre facility is dedicated to process more than 1000 garbage trucks annually

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