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Idemitsu announces oil to cool and lubricate entire electric drivetrains

Japanese oil refinery firm Idemitsu is working on a groundbreaking coolant oil specifically designed for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Efficient cooling and lubrication of components like electronics, motors, batteries, gears, and bearings are crucial for optimal performance. 

However, the current practice of using multiple cooling media for each component, such as water, e-axle oil, and battery oil, can lead to complicated circuitry. 

To address this issue, Idemitsu has developed what it calls ‘E Axle and Electric Parts Cooling Oil, aiming to simplify the cooling circuit and reduce the number of required components.

Intended to be used in electric drive units, power electronics and battery systems, the product is said to provide comprehensive cooling and lubrication support for these crucial components.

The company plans to offer this cooling and lubrication system to auto-makers and Tier 1 suppliers.

According to Idemitsu, development of   E Axle and Electric Parts Cooling Oil represents a significant step towards optimising the performance of electric and hybrid vehicles.

It claims that simplifying the cooling circuit and unifying oil types, it is possible to save interior space and reduce the complexity of the system, to the benefit of both manufacturers and consumers.

A unique feature of the Idemitsu product is its ability to provide comprehensive cooling for integrated e-axle systems, which are increasingly used in electric vehicles. In the past, e-axles required separate oils for cooling the motors and lubricating speed reducers.

However, this new oil enables motors be directly cooled while other critical electronics, such as the battery and power control units, can also benefit from efficient cooling.

As the market for electric and hybrid vehicles continues to expand, Idemitsu’s new cooling oil could  play a significant role in enhancing their performance and reliability.

Products like this are another proof point that thermal management is a key contributor to the ongoing advancement of electric mobility, a more sustainable transportation future, and broader decarbonisation of the automotive industry.

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